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Visual Tricks

Here I will add visual tricks as I experiment with them on our current project–Penny at DB Attic Studios, LLC. Things that improve the game’s graphics is the current focus in my cave, in terms of development.

Below we have two images of the same scene view and if you can review and drop a comment into which appealed to you most.


Here are some of the things that I did to the before image to create the After image:

  1. Add depth to a flat 2D world: Looking at the images above, the second shows more of an illusion of depth. How did I do that? Creating regions in the scene and set the reduction or increase in size percentage based on depth. Game objects closer to the front of the scene is larger by a small percentage while the game objects about mid-scene is smaller. All is done in script.
  2. Leaving space between game objects: Gives a better visual appeal to the game objects in the scene.
  3. Add lighting to the scene: Used Unity’s 2D Light Rendering in 2019.2.0b6 beta. Made a huge difference. Read the manual here. Or using a Sprite/Diffuse material and add lighting to the scene.

Addition of lighting to help add depth.

4. Layering: Breaking up the scene into multiple layers can help add depth.

5. Shadows: Use of shadows helps with the illusion of depth to the game view.

Addition of lighting, depth, resizing, shadows – all to add depth.

Comment below what you think.

Stay tuned for more.

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