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10 Ways to Start a Productive Week

The best way to start off the week is to be ready for it. Use your Sundays for planning, preparation, and relaxation.

  1. Start Sunday morning at the pace of a lion who has just filled their belly on a warm summer day or look to your cat for instructions. This could lead to playing video games for most of the day, or reading a book, or doing absolutely nothing. Whatever happens, it needs to be something relaxing. After that, continue with the other steps.
  2. I like to plan my entire week on Sunday, so I know ahead of time what to do on Monday morning when my alarm goes off. No more manic Monday for me. When I am not on the road, this works great. However, when I get home after being gone all weekend, I wing it for the most part, making Monday my recovery day. Heck, sometimes Tuesday will get thrown under the bus too. Then I will do a quick course correct and within days, I will be back on track. Running an indie video game studio can make time get a little fluid sometimes.
  3. Get adequate sleep throughout the weekend. This one I cannot stress enough. Not getting enough sleep throws off my flow during the week and can add to my migraines when they move in for a day or two. Sleep is my friend.
  4. When I schedule tasks for the week, I try to do so without overdoing it and keeping in mind that a healthy balance is important. For business, I use Jira to track my projects and work within two-week sprints. I can get a lot done when I focus on the tasks at hand versus everything that needs to be done. For my personal life, I am not that organized. So, this is where Sundays are helpful. I try to schedule my week based on what I am doing for work and what is going on in my personal life. If I need to do a lot of running around, I try my darndest to schedule in bundles versus running out daily.
  5. During my planning sessions, I turn off the outside world. It is easy to take a phone call that will take 1-3 hours. So, turn off all your devices and stay focused.
  6. End the weekend with a clean house or at least a clean kitchen. Monday morning with a clean kitchen is the best way to start the week with a good vibe even without caffeine. I would say a clean office would be nice but let’s keep it real.
  7. Do some reflection of the previous week and see what you could do better this week or simply what needs to be moved to this or next week or tossed entirely. I save the business-specific changes for the weekday workload. I reserve Sundays only for the big picture, where business and home come together.
  8. Schedule something to look forward to that is not all work or family. It could be a simple trip to the bookstore or record shop alone.
  9. Use a small planner instead of multiple planners for family and business. This could be physical, or it could be electronic. The point is to have a smaller list to work with since it forces you to be selective and focused with your time. For me, this could be conventions to show our games at, what homeschooling events to participate in, trips planned, vacations, releases, doctors’ appointments, etc. The list goes on and it’s not in any order of priority. It was just what fell from my pen when I wrote this list up. Another important thing for me is making sure my list aligns with what my big picture goals are. If it furthers my goals, it would be considered priority. Otherwise, it gets tossed. For example, if I wanted to get a video game out, I would need to have a few tasks assigned that would lead me further to achieving that goal.
  10. Last one is a biggie for me. I love coffee but too much on a Sunday wrecks the start of my week. So, on Sundays only, I limit my consumption to 1-2 cups only. Maybe I should do this on other days, but this is about Sundays, not other days, and that would be another post.

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